Why Miniswap.

Transaction-fee-mining, where MiniSwap provides rewards to the trader for each of their transactions. For each of the transactions processed in MiniSwap, all MINI holders will also obtain a share of the community reward.

Every transaction in Miniswap is confirmed, there will be a MINI twice the transaction fee is mined, 50% of which is obtained by the trader; 50% by the liquidity provider.


100% refund of transaction fees

Traders complete the transaction in Miniswap, and obtain the corresponding transaction mining revenue according to the amount of the transaction fee paid.

Liquidity provider

Get 100% fee income from the platform

The liquidity provider provides liquidity to the liquidity pool, and obtains a corresponding proportion of liquidity mining income according to the proportion of liquidity in the liquidity pool held.

All handling fees generated in Miniswap will be used to purchase MINI. Among them, 50% will be allocated to token holders; 50% will be directly destroyed.

Token holders

Get 50% fee dividend from the platform

Token holders will receive platform fee dividend rewards, and holders’ dividend rewards will be distributed to corresponding token holders according to the holding ratio.


Burn 50% fee worth of MINI tokens from the liquidity pool

With the destruction of MINI, MINI will become less and less in the market, causing deflation and benefiting all token holders.